As Coton Ambalaj; We operate with the awareness that a clean environment is the greatest legacy we will leave to future generations, and we work on sustainable production models to reduce the negative impacts we have on the environment.
We fulfill our responsibilities towards both our future and our planet by using environmentally friendly production processes and sustainable materials.
We involve our customers in the process to produce products that leave a less carbon footprint in nature, directing them to prefer products with lower weight, and increasing our measures to prevent climate change day by day.
We observe environmental awareness at every step, from raw material procurement to packaging production. We minimize the amount of waste by using recyclable materials. Moreover; In order to save energy, we regularly renew and update our production equipment and facility.
We ensure the recycling of waste and scrap wastes generated in our production processes, and the disposal of non-recyclable wastes.
As Coton Ambalaj, in 2022,

  • 25 tons of paper,
  • 71 tons of PP film,
  • 41 tons of wood,
  • Provided recycling of packaging contaminated with 18 tons of hazardous waste,
  • 72 tons of PET Film,
  • It provided the transformation into energy by sending 22 tons of waste to disposal.

Within the framework of sustainable production approach, we distill the solvents we use and include them in our cleaning process in order to minimize the damage we cause to the environment.