AsCoton Ambalaj which started its operations in 2013 provides printed and unprinted packaging solutions up to 4 layers to its customers with its qualified and experienced staff by having the latest technology 8 color – HD Flexo printing line, solvent and solvent-free lamination lines, slitting and pouch making lines.
AsCoton also started to produce value-added applications such as matte lacquer, paper touch and cold seal on its new generation flexo printing line. 



To be a demanded company in our target market by our stakeholders  



We do not compromise on our product and service quality.
We manage cooperation with our stakeholders with the principle of continuous improvement.
Integrity and honesty are indispensable for our Company.
We do not compromise on social and environmental values, we work with the principle of continuous improvement.We carry out activities to make a difference with Research and make them sustainable

We work with target and strategic decisions and manage them effectively.
We work solution-oriented with team spirit.
We base our company on the Total Quality Management System.



We ensure the unconditional customer satisfaction and continuity of all the products we have made and the services we have provided.
Since the majority of the products we produce are used in the food sector, we ensure that the hygiene and food safety conditions are carried out and improved continuously.
By seeing teamwork as one of the basic elements of our company, we ensure the continuity of the measures related to the health and safety of the employees.
We comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements in all works.

We undertake to comply with the specifications declared by the customer within the framework of legal conditions.
We give great importance to training and R&D studies for the continuity of our products and services and the development of our system.

In this context; We follow the developments in science and technology in order to improve quality and increase efficiency.
By complying with the requirements of the Integrated Management System, we are constantly improving our system established within the scope of these conditions.
And while doing these; We create a continuous and effective environmental awareness intertwined with nature.



To fulfill the requirements of environmental regulations and legislation.
To ensure the development of environmental management system and to minimize industrial waste.
To ensure that all wastes are disposed of in accordance with regulations.
To continuously develop and improve our system established within the scope of these conditions, by complying with the terms of the Integrated Management System.
And while doing these; To raise awareness of all our managers and employees working in our company on environmental safety and protection, to create a continuous and effective environmental awareness intertwined with nature.